Why I Love Making Websites

How I Discovered the Internet

Thanks to my Dad, I was exposed to computers growing up. I played games on our Commodore 64 and learned how to change the pins to make the dot matrix printer work. We got a PC, a 486 and ended up spending many hours figuring out hardware and software problems.

Dad found out that you could sign up as a Beta tester for Windows 95. I still remember how exciting it was to get the boxes of floppy discs in the mail (and a lot less exciting to put each disc in the drive one at a time). The best part of the deal was that as a beta tester we got access to MSN Online (basically an early AOL). We soon had to figure out how to disable call waiting so we would not get disconnected when we used our dial-up modem to access the internet.

It was later at University, that I was first exposed to the real Internet. I was hooked!! I remember clicking the What's Hot button in Netscape and being enthralled by the Web sites that I saw.

My First Website

I started making websites over thirty years ago.

Using MS Publisher, I helped my Dad make up a small Web site for his hobby, numismatics. Later I learned to use Dreamweaver; now I use a few more programs like PHPStorm, Crunch2, and many others.

Check out this early version of the website I made for my Dad's coin club, the Edmonton Coin Club. My personal website started in the ninties when I was a student at the U of A. I purchased this domain in 2000.

I want to make great sites so the internet is a better place.