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last mcdonalds in iceland - Reykjavik Bus Hostel

How To

How To Get Library Ebooks on the iPad/iPhone, No Sync Required

Create a halftone texture pattern in Illustrator

Free Science Books

Science Toys to make



CPAWS | Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Photopic Sky Survey (needs flash)



Hear the Music Play is a great site full of information, including the best type of instruments and instrument related gadgetry.

ScoreCleaner record and create musical notation

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People

How to choose a digital piano

Super Mario Bros Songs

Compose Music Online

How Playing Music Benefits your Brain

Sight Reading Trainer

Create iPhone Ringtones

Right click song, go to Get Info, and select the Options tab. Check off the start time and stop time—it has to be under 30 seconds. Click OK. Then right click again and select "Create AAC Version." (If you don't see that selection, you'll probably see "Create MP3 version." To fix that, go to Preference, General tab, and select Import Settings. At the top, change the Import Using drop down to say "AAC Encoder." Click OK then go back to the file and right click to get "Create AAC Version.")
You'll now see the file listed twice in iTunes. Right click the new one and select "Show in Windows Explorer" (for Windows) or "Show in Finder" (for MacOS). The new file should end in .M4A extension. Change the file name so it ends in .M4R. (R as in ringtone!).
Go back to iTunes. Right click on the file you created and delete it (not just from iTunes, but also send it to the trash or recycle bin.) Drag the .M4R file you renamed from Explorer/Finder to iTunes. Click on Ringtones to the left and you should see it there. Next time you sync your iPhone, it should be available. Find your contact in the iPhone and assign them the ringtone—or a text-message tone. (Mac users could also just use GarageBand to make it, then select "Send Ringtone to iTunes.)

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