Check Your Front End

Here are my personal checklists for the front end elements and the UI for the site.

Front End UI

  • Are there any existing diagrams?
  • Are there any screenshots?
  • Take screenshots (where possible).
  • Create diagrams for all screens
  • Map out any changes (in existing issues) that are required.
  • Is there a style guide? If no, create one.
  • Map out components required for the repo and add to readme.
  • Add version number to readme.
  • Is there a menu file for the admin?


  • Do all UI components follow the standards?
  • Are button names standardized (ie action verbs)?
  • Are menu items standardized (proper capitalization, alphabeticalized, follow naming conventions)?

Individual Pages

  • Does the page have a title (in the browser)?
  • Does the title in the browser match the name in the menu?
  • Does the page title match?
  • Does the colour of the page title matching existing color coding standards?
  • Do any page elements overlap or crash into each other?
  • Is menu open to the correct folder?
  • Is page highlighted as active on the menu?
  • Are there any spelling errors?
  • Do I have a screenshot/sketch/ui drawing of the page?
  • Is the page mapped on the process flowchart?
  • Check search functionality (including relevance of results)
  • Check on common variations of browser
  • Check on common variations of Screen Resolution
  • Test all forms (e.g. contact us, blog comments), including anti-spam features, response emails/text, etc.
  • Test without JavaScript, Flash, and other plug-ins
  • Check all external links are valid

Just to let you know, this page was last updated Saturday, Jul 20 24