Companion Planting

Try growing:

  • carrots and lettuce
  • lettuce and spinach at the base of your peas
  • nasturtiums to trap aphids
  • marigolds to repel nematodes (and mosquitoes)


Cucumber plants need rich humus-filled soil. They like sun and a wind sheltered location.

Garlic you can plant as soon as the frost is out of the ground.

Lettuce needs lots of organic matter and lots of nitrogen.

Peas - use well prepared and well drained organic soil. They do best in full sun, with high humidity and cool weather. If you plant them early they can survive light frost. Seeds grow best if soaked for 24 hours before planting.

Potatoes - try planting every two weeks before the average last frost. Plant where you grew legumes last year.

Carrots - you can plant then 2 or 3 times (last April, 3rd week of May, and 2nd week of June).
























These are notes I made about gardening. See more gardening notes