Book notes from Bored and Brilliant

The seven-step program
  1. Observe yourself
  2. Keep devices out of reach while in motion.
  3. Photo-free day
  4. Delete that App
  5. Take a fakeaction
  6. Observe soemthing else
  7. Use your boredom to make sense of your life and set goals.
Boredom is the gateway to mind-wondering - helping our brains create those new connections that help solve problems.
(36) Great artists, scientists and other types of creators have an abundance of dopamine. Extra motivated to seek out the how and channel movelty into being creative.
(47) Reading comprehension is starting to suffer as Internet reading increases.
(63) Challenge Seven:
    1) identify a problem
    2) set aside 30 minutes of no interuption
        -put away digital tools
        -then put a pot of water on to boil and watch it. or fill a sheet of paper with 1,0,1,0 as small as you can until the paper is full.
    3) now that you are mind-numbingly bored, sit with pen and paper and put your mind to the task of solving the problem in step 1
    Use boredom to unlock a brilliant solution
    Track how many times you pick up the phone

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