By Tammy Sachs and Gary McClain)

New Riders: Indianapolis, Ind., 2002

ISBN: 0-7357-1118-6

  • What is the site all about?
  • For whom is the site intended?
  • Why should people stick around?
  • What do people need to know about the company to place their trust in their site?
  • What should people know about a site so they are not misled and do not waste their time?
  • What are the main reasons users want to come to the site? Are they reflected on the homepage?
  • Web site users have learned certain habits. Remove some of the elements that make up their frame of reference and sense of comfort and their comfort level will be at risk.
  • People take things literally. Labeling a button 'Buy" and people will think they are making a purchase.
  • Learn from others - your challenges have been successfully tackled by others. Use prudent use of proven models with user experience research.
  • Make process clear before user starts process.
  • Give them reference points in process so they know where they are.
  • The web is about putting control in the hands of the user.
  • Is your homepage intuitive with respect to the pathways that are available?
  • Are error messages helpful and instructive?
  • Can visitors access the information they want from multiple locations or are they restricted to a narrow pathway?


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