Inmates are Running the Asylum

Personal Goals for Users of Software
  • not feel stupid
  • not make mistakes
  • get an adequate amount of work done
  • have fun (or at least not be too bored)
Corporate Goals
  • increase profit
  • defeat competition
  • increase market share
  • hire more people
  • offer more products or services
  • go public
Practial Goals
  • avoid meetings
  • handle clients demands
  • record clients order
  • create numierical modle of the business
False Goals (more concered with tasks, features, and tools)
  • save money
  • save keystrokes
  • run in a browser
  • be easy to learn
  • safeguard data intgerity
  • speed up data entry
  • increase program execution efficincy
  • use cool technology or features-increase graphic beauty
  • maintian consistency across platform
What makes software polite?
  • interested in meetings
  • deferentail
  • forthcoming
  • has common server
  • responsive
  • tactiurn about its personal problems
  • well informal
  • perspective
  • self-confidant
  • stays focused
  • fudgable
  • gives instant gratification
  • trustworthy
Compare software production to making a movie. Movie industry spends a lot of time planning because they only have one chance to do it right. Proper planning cuts down on development stage.
Hire/assign an interaction designer. Make them be the ultimate owner of product quality.
  • determine the content and behaviour of program-own the feature list and (to a large part) the schedule
  • this person is the advocate fort the user
  • authority to control all external aspects of the product. They must design a feasible to build easy to use attractive product that allows the user to achieve their practical goals while not violating their personal goals.

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The Inmates Are Running the Asylum
Alan Cooper
SAMS : Indianapolis Indiana 1999

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