Can I get that on sale?


You'll find specials year-round, but especially in May, Jun, and July - peak moving and renovation times.


January which is usually a slow month for retailers


January and July sales tend to coincide with stores' main buying times

Garden Furniture

August and September. Markdowns start in early August and gradually increase through September.

Perennials and trees

After Labour Day. Bonus, its actually better to plant perennials in September than in the extreme heat of July and August.

Sheets and Towels

January and August. Beware though, it can be difficult to find matching sets on sale.


Year round. Bargins can pop up at any time the year so you have to watch.

Pots, and Pans, China

Boxing week. Pre-Christmas warehouse sales, usually in November; also offer high-end selection.


Prior to Super Bowl, Father's Day or Christmas. Sales tend to happen two and three weeks before major holidays and heightened male TV-viewing times.

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