The Zen of CSS Design

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The Zen of CSSS Design - Dave Shea and Molly E. Holyschlag
2005 : Peachpit Press, Berheley, CA
ISBN 0-321-30347-4


Cause of Color Http//
Colorcorn http//
Flash of Unstyled content
To make text wrap around an image :
    #photo { float : left ; Margin : 10px;}
    (not full browser support)
Boxes and Arrows
10 visual formatting model details
To get floats to work properly, you need something to clear them. Can use a genenic, all-purpose

Colour Psychology

Psychological Associations with Common Colors

Red        Power, Energy, Love, Passion, Aggression, Danger
Blue        Trust, conservative, secure, clean, sorrowful, order
Green        Nature, Earth, Health, Jealousy, Renewal
Oragne        Fun, happiness
Yellow        Optimism, hope, philosophy, cowardice
Violet        Royalty, mystery, religion
Brown        Reliability, comfort, earth
Silver/Gray Intellect, futurism, modesty, sadness, decay, elegance
Black        Power, sexuality, sophistication, mystery, fear, inappropriate, death
White        Purity, cleanliness, precision, innocence, fertility, death

Colour and Gender and Culture

Red        China symbol of luck. More women choose red over blue.
Blue    Color of immortality in Eastern countries. Most globally safe.
Green    Money in the US. In Ireland, Irish catholic nationalists.
Orange    Tradition in us orange means inexpensive items. Irish orange = Protestantism. Men prefer orange to yellow.
Yellow    Sacred imperial colour in Asia. Women prefer orange.
Violet    Mourning in Europe. Now, alternative religion races in Nature.
Brown    Neutral gender and culture-wise.
Black    Mourning and death in the west.
White    Mourning and death in Asia. Purity, and chastity in the west.