Marketing for Millenials

  • market with millennials; no longer acceptable to market to
  • Millennials in this book are 1977-1995
  • this generation wants to actively participate, co-create, and be included as partners in the brands they love
  • 'participation economy'
  • Millennials connect with a greater number of people, more frequently and in real-time
  • so they want brands to engage with them through social media; expect
  • give them a voice, an opportunity to participate in product development
  • non-Millenials and millennials spend the same amount of them online but Millenials use it as a platform to broadcast their thoughts and experiences - to contribute user-generated content
  • they do not distinguish between online and offline worlds
  • Millenials are closer to their parents
  • engage early adoptions of new tech and social tools
  • build a listening and participation strategy to help connect with brand advocates
  • make them look good among peers
  • design sense of adventure and turn into the brand experience
  • keep loyalty by giving them no reason to cheat so you
  • there are several sub-groups: hip-ennial, old school millenial, gadget guru, clean and green Millenial, millennial mom, anti-millenial
  • Millennials are early adopters of tech
  • texting is super important; more so than email
  • look for instant gratification; value speed, ease, efficiency and convenience
  • Millenials look for integrated online and offline shopping experiences
  • you need a mobile brand strategy
  • you want to get Millenials to spend more time with your brand
  • Millenials are always on - always connected
  • your goal: create a group of eager young brand advocates
  • strive for cultural and brand relevance
  • provide a continuous stream of engaging content
  • the old model is 'reaction'; the new model is 'interaction'
  • -make personal gestures - reach out to individuals in social media, retweet them, talk to them directly
  • allow them to co-create products
  • price is the most important factor when it comes to Millenials purchase decisions
  • they need a reason to choose your brand
  • customer service ranks high with Millenials

Key Take Away

Millennials want to make a positive impact on the world and shop with companies that do the same

Bibliographical Information

Marketing to Millenials - Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton
American Management Association, 2013, NY

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