Dealing with someone face to face is often easier than doing so over the telephone or by email because you can use body language to convey your feelings. However, that are some standard dos and fonts when dealing with difficult clients over the phone:

You should always follow the 3 P's:

  • come across as professional, polite and pleasant.
  • the caller must be made to feel important
  • you should try to avoid wasting not just the caller's time but the company's time as well.
  • You want to help the caller achieve his desired objects

Email has its own dos and fonts

  • address the customer with respect
  • deal with the problems succinctly
  • Be aware that the immediate nature of the medium can exacerbate misunderstandings
  • Ensure you build a personal relationship rather than remain anonymous

Whether the conflict situation is over th e-mail or phone, face to face or Skype, you should always remain cool and calm and do your best to appear concerned but impartial at all times.

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