Weeds - use corn gluten mean. It is a pre-emergent herbicide (do not use where you want to grow from seed).

Dirty fingernails? Scratch a bar of soap before gardening. It will prevent the direct and wash out easily.

Mulch types - straw/hay contains weed seeds so make sure to layer newspaper or weed blanket below.

Needles - make create mulch for acidic loving plants like blueberries, Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

Tomatoes = 'Snow white' variety of cherry tomatoes are more blight resistant.

Dill - attracts beneficial insects. Repels aphids and spider mites.

Aphids - colonies can be farmed by ants and yellow jackets because they produce 'honeydew'.

Nitrogen - makes green.
Phosphorous - makes roots and fruits.
Potassium - improves visor and hardiness.

Corn - plant in blocks not rows to aid wind pollination. Minimum 4x 4 rows in a block -> more corn.

Plant carrots and radishes together. After pick radishes there is more room for carrots.

Bibliographical Information

Grow Organic
by Doug Oster, Jessica Walliser


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