Drying the Laundry

Turn three or four inches of the fabric over the line.

For sheets, pillowcases, skirts, and other pieces with double layers hang them so that the fold (or the closed end of the pillowcase) hangs down on the open, hemmed edges are pinned to the line; do not pin the fabric taut on the side from which the wind is blowing but let it sag down a bit so that there is an opening for the wind to enter.

Sheets - Fold the sheet hem to hem, then fold 3 to 4 inches of one hem over the line and pin at both ends. Pin the corners of the other hem a few inches inside the first two. Run your hands down the selvage edges to smooth them and make sure that the sheet is hanging square and even.

Pillowcases - Fold on side of the opening over the line pinning at both corners, allowing one side to sag open. You want the pillowcase to full up like a sail in the wind.


Homemade Laundry Stain Removers

  • Chocolate club soda
  • Cola white vinegar
  • Rust lemon juice, salt, sunlight
  • Oil white chalk rubbed into stain before washing
  • Grease borax on a damp cloth
  • Crayon cover with a paper bag and iron at low heat
  • Coffee moist salt


Laundry Symbols

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