Notes from Happiness at Work by Srikumar Rao

5) when someone does something that causes you to react with anger, take a deep breath and pause. Was it a well-meaning act or an honest mistake?

11) stop using unhelpful labels. Even if something can't possibly seem reasonable, avoid labelling it badly.

23) Challenge is exhilarating -> overcoming challenges/obstacles allows you to practise your genius.

35) begin managing yourself, and more time will magically appear. Observe yourself during the day. How often are you interrupted? Do distractions sap your energy?

41) make it a game, and unpleasant situations will no longer faze you.

45) take a few minutes and write out what you do.

52) you see the world as you are, not as it is. Start recording what you observe, especially for the negative relationships in your life.

67) what did you want ten years ago?

116) how would someone else see your life?

133) everyone is desperately seeking happiness. Gravitate towards being of service instead of being demanding. Whatever action you take, be consciously aware of who you are as you take it.

219) make a list of all your friends and colleagues you spend time with: how do you feel after spending time in their company. Are you energized, and optimistic? Dejected, pessimistic? Dark and moody?

Happiness At Work
by Srikumar Rao, ISBN 9780071664325
2010, McGraw-Hill, New York

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