Create a household journal. What do you need? Yearn for? What works and what doesn't work?


Entryway: it is a room. Need space for coats, shoes and bags. Surfaces should be free of clutter. Try a large mirror.

Hallway could be a gallery of photos. If so, you need good lighting. Try displaying children's art.

Record food preferences and gift ideas in your house journal.

Gift wrapping - brown kraft paper, glossy finish white paper and a matte (or shiny) silver paper. Stock up on interesting ribbons, raffia, skinny silk cords and other pretty ties.

Add an attractive topping to the present (i.e. baby hat for a shower; paint brushes tied with twine for child; green satin ribbon and red Christmas tree balls with white glossy paper).

Storage - use coloured tape on rubbermaid containers. Ex. green and red for Christmas.

Holidays - instead of a wreath, try a flat backed basket with holiday trimmings.

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  • Author: Randall Koll and Casey Ellis
  • Publisher: Quarry Books (Sept. 1 2005)
  • ISBN: 1592532020

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