Create a household journal.

What do you need? Yearn for? What works and what doesn't work?


Entryway: it is a room. Need space for coats, shoes and bags. Surfaces should be free of clutter. Try a large mirror.

Hallway could be a gallery of photos. If so, you need good lighting. Try displaying children's art.

Record food preferences and gift ideas in your house journal.

Gift wrapping - brown kraft paper, glossy finish white paper and matte (or shiny) silver paper. Stock up on interesting ribbons, raffia, skinny silk cords and other pretty ties.

Add an attractive topping to the present (i.e. baby hat for a shower; paintbrushes tied with twine for the child; green satin ribbon and red Christmas tree balls with white glossy paper).

Storage - use coloured tape on Rubbermaid containers. Ex. green and red for Christmas.

Holidays - instead of a wreath, try a flat-backed basket with holiday trimmings.

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  • Author: Randall Koll and Casey Ellis
  • Publisher: Quarry Books (Sept. 1 2005)
  • ISBN: 1592532020

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