Web Design & Development Tools

What's My Browser - a useful site for directing people to when you need to know what browser they are using.

An emoji guide for your commit messages.

Search Code - a search engine for code.

Show the Docs - find the relevant docs for your code.

Stat My Web

Dirty Markup Formatter

Online Diff Checker

Internet Traffic Report

Sitemap XML Protocol

Grid Guide

Screensiz.es - super cool list of screen sizes of lots of devices

Domain Name Generator

Save loading time, use a content delivery network (CDN) for common files. You can find a whole bunch of public CDNs here.

Considering trying this service: Design Contest - where professional graphic designers compete for your business.

Test your site with the Responsive Site Tester.

Placeholder Images

Ever need a placeholder image, looking for something a little different. Here is a good list I found of alternate placeholder image services.


6 Handy, Free Icon & Favicon Editors

Favicon Generator

Wireframes, Sketchs, and Front-End Designs

There are several great printable templates available for planning your website design. Here are the ones I found most useful.

Sneekpeekit - Printable Sketch Sheets

I recommend learning about the Visual Vocabulary from Jesse James Garrett. The website has detailed information on how to describe information architecture and interaction design. (The book is also a good read.)

Zurb has a set of responsive sketch sheets and a good article on using them when planning your responsive design.

Inspiration Hut also has a set of printable papers.

960grid has several printable sketch sheets; their sheets have 12 or 16 columns in them.

Paper prototyping helper

Paper-based Mediums for Designers, Free PDF Templates and Wireframes 

UI Print

Balsamiq Wireframes

Sites that run automated tests against your site for...

Mobile-friendliness: https://t.co/kVR2qI6Q4e

Performance/a11y: https://t.co/gM68sHGsSW

Image optimization: https://t.co/16BcSVhe3V

SEO: https://t.co/8a4tkBpB6i

Security: https://t.co/0if5gZznt7

SSL: https://t.co/HyZuX4Tw8A


AbuseIPDB is an IP address blacklist for web admins and sysadmins to report IP addresses engaging in abusive behaviour on their networks.


Crontab Guru - a useful tool for generating crontabs.

This page contains information I gathered and thought were very useful. See more tools.

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