From sacrifice comes meaning

Creative work starts with an idea that has potential and then evolves through work and interaction into something more.

You need real silence to deal with these conflicting different ideas. Meditative isolation.

Remember to always frame out who you are making it for. Articulate and define your specific audience. You want what you are making to do something for people, to help them do something.

Pursue the best of your ideas - the ones only you can have.

It takes time and effort and sacrifices to make something that lasts.

Use statements to help framework your thoughts:

This is a ____ that does ____ for ____ because _________ .

How much does it cost for people to find your work?

Even when your work is free, there is still a cost.

Book to Read: Worms Eat My Garbage - Mary Appelhof

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Perennial Seller
by Ryan Holiday, ISBN 978-0-14-310901-3
2017, Portfolio

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