Choosing the right color for your logo

Colour Theory

  • trust, loyalty, honesty
  • In heraldry, blue signifies piety and sincerity.
  • most free of cultural bias worldwide
  • dominates seascape, rarely seen in landscapes
  • blue is not good for food; perceived as inedible
  • Strongest colour
  • danger, passion, power, lust, energy, excitement, love
  • Chinese prefer red - keeps evil away Means long life
  • active, competitive, faring, aggressive, impatient
  • Leadership, respect, wealth
  • passion, magic, mysticism, mystery, creativity, ideas
  • hardest colour to mix
  • Light purple = fun, casual, springtime
  • Dark purple = is heavy and can be overpowering
  • bright, gets attention -> warnings
  • warm, playful, happy, inviting, stimulating
  • can indicate sickness
  • Strong personality, confident, creative, adventurous, cheerful
  • grabs attention-warmth, fire+flames, adventure, excitement
  • the power of red but less intense
  • Newness, regeneration, life, growth, health
  • energy, faith, money (not everwhere)
  • contentment, harmony, freshness
  • caring, moral + sensitive
  • sustenance, simplicity, comfort, quality
  • cerdibility, neutral, stability
  • harmony, renewal, history
  • most often used in confectionary
  • passion and purity, romance
  • strength, determination, power, formality
  • 'top of the line'; class, mysterious
  • few logos are basic black [connotations for print]
  • evil and darkness
  • really classy, corporate-like black but less bold
Blue is hot, Red is cool : Choosing the right color for your logo.
by David Carter, HBI, 2001, New York   0-06-093656-8