Bibliographic Information

Above the Fold: Understanding the Principles of Successful Web Site Design
Fraser Direct, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada


pg 15 - "Limiting subjective decisions and being creative within those limitations is the essence of what all designers do."

p 24 - : Designing the experience that's right for the target customers is critical to being a successful Web Designer."

p 42 "Breaks in the content allow users to scan the layout quickly and give them multiple entry points into the page

p 60,61 good visuals

p 162 - "Wireframes are blueprints that map out individual pages of a site. They show the elements of a page and their relative weight or importance."

p 168 - "Prototypes are working models of site functionality that help a developer work out the final details and provide proof of concept."

Concept Design

Final pre-design step to create mood board.

p 206 - "It's essential to select keywords based on the customer's point of view - not necessarily the client's internal vernacular."

p 250 - "In the case of Web design, very often progress is more important than perfection."

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