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Excerpt from Chapter 11

Auction Catalogues and Fixed Price Lists (cont.)

Numismatic sale no. 21. - London : the author, Oct. 25 - 26, 1991. - 60 p., 1168 lots, ill. - Specimen-64 'high relief' five cent, VG 1947 'maple leaf curved right' fifty cent,1911 Specimen set, many other high-grade coins in every series, Lesslie two pence, Lees 11 and 13, although weak in the decimal series, this sale should be seriously studied by paper money collectors as approximately 400 lots of banking material, banknotes, Proofs and vignettes are offered, exceptionally strong chartered bank banknotes with many rarities

Numismatic sale no. 22. - London : the author, Feb. 21 - 22, 1992. - 64 p., 1159 lots, ill. - features the outstanding Allan Weighell collection of tokens (transportation, dairy, bakery, telephone and merchant) including several pre-confederation issues (3 side-views), also includes 1 Indian Chief medal and an assortment of medals and badges from other sources, and a fine collection of paper currency including several scarce notes, Proofs and vignettes

Numismatic sale no. 23 : book sale no. 24. - London : the author, June 26 - 28, 1992. - 74 p. 1281, (2500) - 2837 lots, ill. - VG 1921 five cent, MS-60 1870 "no LCW" 50 cent, 1920 Olympic gold medal (Albert Schneider), the second part of Allan Weighell's token collection (transportation and amusement), Joe Foster collection of colonial coins, Gloriam Regni 5 sols, 4 side-views, Bout de L'Isle,Breton 675, two Weir and Larminie encased postage stamps, North West Company token, Breton 954, nice paper currency comprised of scarce notes, Proofs and several vignettes

Numismatic sale no. 25. - London : the author, Oct. 30 - 31, 1992. - 58 p., 1407 lots, ill. - EF 1859 'double punched 9' cent, MS-65 1870 'narrow rim' five cent, AU 1925 five cent, MS-60 'LCW' fifty cent, Specimen-63 1908 fifty cent, F 1947 'maple leaf, curved right 7' fifty cent, 1908 Specimen set in case, 1950 'Arnprior' Specimen set, EF Magdalen penny, side-view halfpenny, Bout de L'Isle token, Lesslie two pence, Jamaica-on-cask halfpenny, Newfoundland 1858 ship halfpenny, John Joy token, Wood 10 harp blacksmith token, MS-63 1822 'Anchor' money (dollar, quarter dollar and one-sixteenth dollar), 1806 Army Pay Warrant, 1892 Bank of Commerce 'Yukon overprint' five dollar, and a fine selection of other Canadian chartered bankotes, Proofs and vignettes with serveral scarce issues

Numismatic sale no. 26. - London : the author, Feb. 26 - 27, 1993. - 60 p., 1648 lots, ill. - features coins recovered from the wreck of the H.M.S. Feversham which sank off the Nova Scotia coast in 1711 and the wreck of the Johanna which sank off the Cape of Good Hope in 1611, 1861 New Brunswick pattern cent, G 1859 'narrow 9' brass cent, VF 1903H 'small H' (unlisted variety at time of sale) five cent, Specimen-64 1908 fifty cent, PL-63 1951 Arnprior dollar, 1858 Specimen set in case, scarce Franco-American and French-Regime coins, side-view halfpenny, Molsons token, two Lesslie two pence, Wood 10 'Ships, Colonies and Commerce' token, Wood 25 blacksmith token, extremely rare Richilieu medal, 1793 - 1814 Military General Service Medal with Chrystler's Farm clasp, 1829 Arbitration medal, 1866 Death of Wolfe medal, very rare Hudson's Bay Company Indian Chief medal, extremely rare pair of Edward VII Indian Chief peace medals, and a small but interesting selection of Canadian banknotes

Numismatic sale no. 27. - London : the author, June 25 - 26, 1993. - 56 p., 1599 lots, ill. Specimen-63 1858 'large date, plain edge' five cent, VG 1921 five cent, AU 1875H ten cent, AU 1889 ten cent, F 1893 'round top 3' ten cent, Specimen-63 1947 twenty-five cent, VF 1870 'noLCW' fifty cent, VF 1890H fifty cent, VF 1894 fifty cent, VF 1947 'maple leaf, curved right 7' fifty cent, 1947 Proof set, coins from the Johanna, Feversham (also see sale no. 26), the Neustra Seniora de Atocha which sank off the Florida Keys in 1622, Le Chameau which sank off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1725, and the Bredenhof V.O.C. which sank off of Mozambique in 1753, Molsons halfpenny, Breton 681, two Wood 10 (Ships, Colonies and Commerce), J.B. halfpenny blacksmith token, many other interesting tokens including Thomas Church, and military canteen tokens, an interesting selection of assorted historical medals, 277 lots of Canadian paper money with many choice banknotes and Proofs

Numismatic sale no. 28. - London : the author, Oct. 22 - 23, 1993. - 35 p., 993 lots, ill. - 1916C sovereign, Specimen-65 Newfoundland 1917C cent, two Newfoundland 1873H five cent (one G and the other F), AU 1859 'double-punched narrow 9, no. 1' cent, VG/F 1921 five cent, two 1893 'round top 3' ten cent (one G/VG and the other EF ), MS-60 1890H twenty-five cent, Specimen-65 1939 twenty-five cent, VG 1870 'no LCW' fifty cent, three 1947 'maple leaf, curved right 7' fifty cent (one VG and the other two F), Specimen-66 1951 fifty cent, Specimen-64 1939 dollar, MS-62 1948 dollar, Franco-American jetons, Molsons token, Wood 10 'Ships, Colonies and Commerce' token, a small selection of historical medals, 269 lots of Canadian paper money, including a few interesting chartered bank banknotes and a small group of stocks and bonds

Numismatic sale no. 29. - London : the author, Feb. 25 - 26, 1994. - Franco-American jetons, a nice selection of pre-confederation tokens, including Wood 20 and 22, Weir and Larminie encased postage stamp, several Lieutenant-Governor medals, 1759 'Quebec Taken' medal, the outstanding and important Don Stewart collection of Hudson's Bay Company badges, buttons, tokens, medals and scrip, and a small collection of Canadian banknotes - an essential catalogue for anyone interested in the Hudson's Bay Company

Numismatic sale no. 30. - London : the author, June 24, 1994. - 58 p., 1288 lots, ill. - 1922 Proof cent, AU-55 1889 twenty-five cent, MS-63 1936 'dot' twenty-five cent, AU-58 1870 'LCW' fifty cent, several other scarce date fifty cent pieces, a fine selection of French-Regime coins, 1825 Bust and Harp token, Hudson's Bay Company Port Simpson one dollar token, a fine assortment of Canadian communion and transportation tokens, a large collection of Thomas Church tokens, rare Indian Chief peace and historical medals, and a fine collection of Canadian banknotes, Proofs and vignettes

Numismatic sale no. 31. - London : the author, Oct. 21 - 22, 1994. - 46 p. 1235 lots, ill. - MS-63 Newfoundland 1888 cent, AU 1921 five cent, 1911 Specimen-62 fifty cent, 1908 Specimen set, George III counterstamped 'G/R' Jamiaca/North America 8 reales, Vexator Canadiensis token, Anchor/Union Jack blacksmith token, rare Indian Chief and historical medals, including a Wolfe/Montcalm medal, and a small selection of Canadian banknotes

Numismatic sale no. 32 : featuring the Roy Hughes collection of Canadian decimal coins, and colonial tokens. - London : the author, Feb. 24 - 25, 1995. - 94 p., 1880 lots, 23 pl., ill. - Torex 1995 sale, this sale catalogue is a MUST OWN for the serious collector of Canadian tokens, rarities abound - with too many to list but highligts include: Gloriam Regni, Repentiguy bridge tokens Bout de L'Isle, Breton 999 and 1001, exceptional merchant tokens and medals - this sale is certainly destined to become a standard reference for collectors of early Canadian tokens - the limited hardcover edition has additional plates which ensure that most of the tokens listed are illustrated

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