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Excerpt from Chapter 11

Auction Catalogues and Fixed Price Lists (cont.)

Numismatic auction sale no. 12. - London : the author, June 23 - 24, 1989. - 82 p., 1921 lots, ill. - VG 1873H Newfoundland five cent, MS-63 1858 re-engraved 'large date' five cent, MS-63 1858 'large date' five cent, EF 1921 five cent, Specimen-63 1858 twenty cent, Specimen-60 1870 'LCW' fifty cent, F 1890H fifty cent, AU 1905 fifty cent, MS-62 1914 fifty cent, Specimen-55 1862 New Brunswick five cent, extremely rare Province of Canada 1866 ten dollar banknote (payable at Montreal), the J. Lloyd Carney collection of Dominion of Canada paper money with many outstanding Canadian and chartered bank banknotes, a selection of Thomas Church tokens, other tokens and historical medals

Numismatic auction sale no. 13. - London : the author, Oct. 26 - 28, 1989. - 153 p., 2523 lots, ill. - VF 1921 five cent, VF 1870 'no LCW' fifty cent, MS-63 1921 fifty cent (includes a condition-census report of 1921 fifty cents), 1966 small beads dollar, 1871 P.E.I. London Mint Proof cent, EF 1870 Newfoundland ten cent, a fine selection of Canadian paper money, including test and experimental notes from the Walter D. Allan collection and some fine chartered bank banknotes and Proofs, the Victor Snell collection of Canadian Numismatic Association convention medals, the Michael Oppenheim collection of pre-confederation tokens with many outstanding rarities, including side-view penny and halfpenny, unique John Shaw's storecard overstrike,Breton 675, 677 and 681, Lesslie two pence, PE.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat' halfpenny, original 1825 Bust and Harp, Weir and Larminie encased postage stamp, Newfoundland 1858 Ship token, New Brunswick 1843 Proof halfpence and penny, Joseph Foster collection of P.E.I. "holey-dollars" and dumps (including a fine historical overview), the Ernest Everingham collection of Canadian blacksmith tokens and counterstamped coins, including an outstanding selection of Woods variety 23 pieces and a nice selection of Devins & Bolton's counterstamped coins and tokens - one of the most important auction sales ever conducted by this firm

Numismatic sale no. 14. - London : the author, Feb. 23 - 24, 1990. - 100 p., 1786 lots, ill. - Gloriam Regni 5 sols, Breton 667, 681, 689, 923, two Lesslie two pence, North West Company, many other nice tokens including a substantial group of communion tokens, a nice selection of historical and victories medals, EF 1893 'round top' ten cent, AU 1885 twenty-five cent, AU 1881H fifty cent, many other high-grade decimals in each denomination, G 1873H Newfoundland five cent, 1946C Newfoundland five cent, a small but interesting selection of Canadian banknotes with several outstanding notes, including 1866 Province of Canada $2 'payable at Montreal', $2 1870 Dominion of Canada 'payable at Toronto', a nice grouping of chartered bank banknotes and one Canadian prisoner-of-war issue

Numismatic sale no. 16. - London : the author, June 22 - 23, 1990. - 78 p., 1801 lots, ill. - MS-63 1925 five cent, MS-62 1926 'far 6' five cent, VF 1884 ten cent, Specimen-55 1858 twenty cent, MS-74 1908 twenty-five cent, MS-60 1936 'dot' twenty-five cent, an extremely nice set of 1908 business strike one cent to fifty cent (with Specimen set box), Specimen-64 1948 dollar, PL-64 1952 'waterlines' dollar, many other high-grade decimals in each denomination, the Ross Wilby collection of pre-confederation tokens including 1720A ½ sol, Gloriam Regni 5 sols, several Franco-American jetons, side-view penny, 1837 Proof 'City Bank' penny, Vexator Canadiensis, Lauzon Ferry token, Maysenholder and Bohle, Devins & Bolton, Lesslie two pence, Copper Company of Upper Canada restrike in silver, 1821 Jamiaca Cask, Mcdermott, PE.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat', 1858 ship halfpenny, Proof 1843 New Brunswick halfpenny, Wellington halfpenny in silver, 1825 Bust and Harp, a Beaver Club medal in gold issued to David David of Montreal (with biographical notes and information on the Beaver Club), 1759 Quebec Taken medal, two 1760 Canada Subdued medals, a few Governor-General medals, 450 lots of Canadian paper money including Quebec Pay Warrant of 1784, three different 1813 - 1815 Army Bills, many interesting serial numbered notes (asterisks, ladders, millions, etc.), 1814 Newfoundland 'Shannon Livingston and Co.' one pound note, Bank of British North America 1838 one dollar (Counterfeit?), and an outstanding selection of chartered bank banknotes with many rare issues (many of these notes are accompanied by vignettes as well as a fine grouping of vignettes which was offered separately) - many of these notes come from the D. Hunter collection

Numismatic sale no. 17. - London : the author, Oct. 26 - 27, 1990. - 82 p., 2147 lots, ill. - F 1921 five cent, MS-62 1858 twenty cent, MS-65 1908 twenty-five cent, Specimen-64 1938 twenty-five cent, Specimen-66 1908 fifty cent, Specimen-62 1945 dollar, Specimen-63 1948 dollar, AU 1864 New Brunswick ten cent, G 1873H Newfoundland five cent, Gloriam Regni 5 sols, very rare 1740Q ½ sol marque, 1729A Louis XV D'Or, 1730 Louis XV Ecu, Proof 1837 Bank of Montreal halfpenny, side-view penny, two side-view halfpennies, two Bout de L'Isle tokens, 1837 Province of Canada/City Bank penny mule, three Molson's tokens, Mullins farthing, several scarce Bouquet Sous, Lesslie two pence, Copper Company of Upper Canada restrike in copper, 'Jamaica-on-cask' halfpenny, Robert Hopwood token, PE.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat', two John Joy tokens, Newfoundland 1858 ship halfpenny, two Wellington halfpennies in silver, Wood 34, Lees 25, extremely rare Hazelton (Hudson's Bay Company) token, many other Hudson's Bay Company pieces, several counterstamps and a fine selection of merchants tokens and due bills, 1920 Olympics gold medal (Albert Schneider), 1759 Quebec Taken and 1760 Canada Subdued medals, 407 lots of Canadian paper money including many scarce and rare notes, including several from Canadian banks in the West Indies

Numismatic sale no. 18. - London : the author, Feb. 22 - 23, 1991. - 64 p., 1788 lots, ill. - VG 1921 fifty cent, approx. 160 lots of Canadian paper money including several very scarce notes and a group of Canadian prisoner-of-war scrip (5 pieces), EF Magdalen Island penny, four Repentiguy bridge tokens, Vexator Canadiensis, two Lesslie two pence, Proof 1852 Bank of Upper Canada penny, Copper Company of Upper Canada copper restrike, 'Jamaica-on-cask' halfpenny, Wood 10 blacksmith token, a small group of Governor-General and other historical medals

Numismatic sale no. 19. - London : the author, June 21 - 22, 1991. - 56 p., 1177 lots, ill. - G 1893 'round top 3' ten cent, G 1890H fifty cent, Specimen-63 1947 'pointed 7' dollar, side-view halfpenny, a small but interesting selection with several scarce Canadian banknotes and Proofs, including two Proof notes of the Canadian Bank of Commerce from Trinidad, West Indies

Numismatic sale no. 20. - London : the author, July 24, 1991. - 56 p., 424 lots, ill. - Vexator Candiensis, Montreal British Militia halfpence (button money, McLachlan 25), John Tobin token, five Indian Chief peace medals, rare silver Confederation medal, a selection of historical and other assorted medals, MS-63 1900 'round 0s' five cent, MS-62 1858 twenty cent, Specimen-64 1870 twenty-five cent, MS-63 1872H twenty-five cent, MS-61 1936 'dot' twenty-five cent, EF 1890H fifty cent, many other high-grade coins of every series in each denomination, 1937 matte Specimen set, 1948 Specimen set, 1953 'shoulder-strap ' Proof set, MS-60 1861 New Brunswick half cent, two 1873H Newfoundland five cent (one G/VG and the other F), and an outstanding selection of Canadian and chartered bank banknotes, Proofs and printers' samples

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