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The review committee would like to thank the following individuals who have assisted with the project in various ways. Regardless of how small or large their contributions have been, the overall effect is that the current draft is more complete and accurate.

Without the support of numerous individuals, organizations and institutions this draft could never have reached the stage it is at currently and we would like to recognize everyone concerned for their contributions. Should anyone's name be omitted in error, we respectfully apologize for the oversight.

The following individuals have materially contributed to the bibliography and deserve special mention and thanks for our appreciation.

  • Geoff Bell
  • Jack Boddington
  • Robert Graham
  • Peter Moogk
  • Jean-Pierre Paré.


Other people who have provided various types of assistance to this project include:

  • John W. Adams
  • David Akers
  • Remy Bourne
  • Q. David Bowers
  • Sheldon Carroll*
  • James E. Charlton
  • R. Brian Cornwell
  • Dr. Richard G. Doty
  • George Fuld
  • Martin Gengerke
  • Dan Gosling
  • Les Hill
  • Jeffrey Hoare*
  • Wayne Jacobs
  • Dr. John M. Kleeberg
  • George Kolbe
  • Ken Lowe*
  • Gilbert (Ray) Malone
  • Neil McCormick
  • Charles D. Moore
  • Dr. Philip Mossman
  • John Rainey
  • Earl Salterio
  • Myron Xenos

Once again, we would like to thank those listed above for their assistance and contributions which have been very much appreciated and have made our work all that much better than we could have hoped.

A very special thank you to Dan Gosling's daughter, Julaine, who graciously designed and donated the webpage and hosting for this website.


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