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Torex numismatic auction : spring 1986 [sale no. 1]. - London : the author, May 16 - 18, 1986. - 48 p., 820 lots, 8 pl. - an average selection of Canadian and Maritime decimals, 1937 matte Proof set, 1861 Nova Scotia pattern bronze cent, 1858 Specimen ten cent, 1911 Specimen fifty cent, a small selection of chartered bank banknotes, tokens and historical medals, with few rarities but still interesting

Torex numismatic auction : fall 1986 [sale no. 2]. - London : the author, Oct. 10 - 12, 1986. - 50 p., 801 lots, 10 pl. - a fine collection of Canadian and Maritime decimals, MS-60 1947 'dot' five cent, VF 1893 'round top 3' ten cent, rare 1980 one cent test token, MS-60 1858 Specimen ten cent, a small but fine selection of Canadian banknotes and Governor-General and historical medals, 1849 Bank of Montreal two dollar'St Thomas' overprint, La Banque Nationale 1883 and 1897five dollar notes, Newcastle Banking Company 1836 two dollar and four dollar notes, four rare Betts Cove Mining Company scrip issues

Torex numismatic auction : winter 1987 [sale no. 3]. - London : the author, Feb. 20 - 21, 1987. - 53 p., 787 lots, 13 pl. - a fine selection of Canadian and Maritime decimals including 1875H twenty-five cent, Ch-Unc 1909 twenty-five cent, VF/EF 1899 fifty cent, EF 1904 fifty cent, VG 1947 ' Maple Leaf curved right' fifty cent, G/VG Newfoundland 1873H five cent, EF 1876H Newfoundland fifty cent, EF 1881 Newfoundland fifty cent, Proof/AU 1921 Specimen ten cent, and MS-63 Newfoundland 1888 two dollars gold, 1937 matte Specimen set, 1948 Specimen set, 1952 Specimen set, 1937 pattern cent and ten cent, a small collection of chartered bank banknotes with several rare issues, 1911 Bank of British North America Specimen five dollars, Banque D'Hochelaga Specimen ten dollars, 1859 Bank of Montreal 'Cornwall' overprint five dollars, a mixed lot of twenty-one vignettes, Hudson's Bay Company 1846 'York Factory'shilling and 1820 five shillings notes, Dominion of Canada 1878 letter border issued in Toronto (series A) dollar, Dominion of Canada 1897 'plain series' dollar, and an average selection of tokens and historical medals

Torex numismatic auction : summer 1987 [sale no. 4]. - London : the author, June 19 - 20, 1987. - 59 p., 868 lots, 10 pl. - a fine selection of Canadian and chartered bank banknotes with several scarce issues, 1812 Army Bill of Exchange, a small collection of merchant and transportarion tokens with a few interesting pieces, including a pair of World War I C.E.F. tokens issued for use in France, VG 1921 five cent, MS-63 (matte specimen?) ten cent, 1939 and 1945 Specimen dollars, 1908 Specimen set, 1953 'Shoulder Strap' Specimen set, Newfoundland 1946C Proof Specimen five cent, a very nice collection of historical medals, including a unique piece presented to Wilfred Laurier and another piece issued to George Etienne Cartier, as well as several other interesting medals issued for various purposes

Torex numismatic auction : fall 1987 [sale no. 5]. - London : the author, Oct. 23 - 24, 1987. - (78) p., 901 lots, 18 pl. - a small selection of banknotes including Bank of New Brunswick 1906 twenty dollars, Newcastle Banking Company 1836 four dollars, an uncut sheets of notes from Zimmerman Bank, a business type card issued by Canadian Banknote Company, 1771 hand-written colonial card issued by George J. King, a very nice grouping of colonial tokens, Gloriam Regni 5 sols, Leroux 254B (John Law coinage), two Vexator Canadiensis, Bout de L'Isle, Weir and Larminie encased postage stamp, Owen's Ropery, Breton 681, 721, 998, PE.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat' token, North West Company, two Wood 29, a nice group of historical medals including several very rare specimens issued by Hudson's Bay Company, F 1921 five cent, two (F and VF) 1870 'no LCW' fifty cent, EF 1888 fifty cent, two (VG and F) 1890H fifty cent, many other nice decimals, Proof coins and sets

Numismatic auction sale no. 6. - London : the author, Feb. 26 - 27, 1988. - 134 p. 1679 lots, ill. - an unprecedented collection of Canadian commemorative, historical, award and souvenir medals, certainly a serious sale for collectors in any of these areas which is destined to become a valuable reference for any of these fields, a small but fine selection of paper currency including several scarce notes, 1831 Province of Nova Scotia treasury note, 1821 Hudson's Bay Company one pound note, several Specimen notes, also includes a fine assortment of Breton tokens including several key issues, 1856 Nova Scotia 'Mayflower" Proof halfpenny (Breton 876), and Breton 703

Numismatic auction sale no. 8 : summer 1988. - London : the author, June 18 - 19, 1988. - 52 p., 979 lots, ill. - featuring the Lloyd Carney collection (part II), F - VF 1913 'broad leaves' ten cent, VF 1969 'large date' ten cent, F-VF 1890H fifty cent, rare 1981 'O Canada' $100 gold/fifty cent mule, 1908 Specimen set, AU Magdalen Island penny, Hudson's Bay Company counterstamp token on brass spade guinea, St. John Coin Collectors Club 10th anniversary medal struck in gold (only 2 issued), and a small but interesting selection of Canadian and chartered bank banknotes and merchant scrip

Numismatic auction sale no. 10. - London : the author, Oct. 28 - 29, 1988. - 80 p. 1554 lots, ill. - VG 1921 five cent, 1880H ten cent, Proof-63 1870 twenty-five cent, MS-60 1870 fifty cent, G/AG 1921 fifty cent, side-view halfpenny, 1843 New Brunswick Proof one penny, unique (Halifax) halfpenny token (previously uncatalogued - lot 1124), Canadian historical, Indian Chief, Governor-General and Lieutenant-Governor medals, 2 examples of French-Regime playing-card 'bons' and a nice assortment of Bank of Canada and chartered bank banknotes and merchant scrip

Numismatic auction sale no.11. - London : the author, Feb. 24 - 25, 1989. - 102 p., 1673 lots, ill. - 1916C sovereign, MS-64 1900 ten cent, MS-65 1911 ten cent, MS-65 1916 ten cent, 1969 'large date' ten cent, VG 1870 'no LCW' fifty cent, MS-62 1902 fifty cent, Specimen-60 1862 'plain edge' five cent, a nice selection of Canadian banknotes with a few scarce notes and Proofs, the outstanding Tim Henderson collection of Canadian communion tokens, and a fine selection of tokens, 1843 New Brunswick Proof halfpenny, 1844 Bank of Montreal Proof halfpenny, 1837 Bank of Montreal/City Bank halfpenny mule, 1842 Bank of Montreal Proof halfpenny, extremely rare Lees 5, a diverse mixture of merchant tokens, historical medals and two Indian Chief peace medals

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