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Excerpt from Chapter 11

Auction Catalogues and Fixed Price Lists (cont.)

Numismatic and military sale no. 60. - London : the author, Oct. 23 - 24, 1998. - 90 p., 1858 lots, ill. - Specimen-63 1908C sovereign, AU Newfoundland 1880 $2 gold, Newfoundland 1946C five cent, Specimen-64 Newfoundland 1938 ten cent, MS-63 Newfoundland 1881 twenty cent, numerous varieties of double-punched 1859 large cents - including VG 1859 'double-punched, narrow 9 #1' and VF 1859 'doubled punched #1', MS-64 1891 'large leaves, large date' one cent, F 1921 five cent, MS-64 1926 'near 6' five cent, Specimen-64 1880H ten cent, AG 1889 ten cent, MS-64 1911 fifty cent, Ms-63 1918 fifty cent, MS-64 1919 fifty cent, Gloriam Regni 1670 5 sol and other French Regime coins and jetons, 1837 City Bank 'habitant' halfpenny, side-view halfpenny, two front-view halfpennys, three Bout de L'Isle tokens, Vexator Canadiensis, Molson halfpenny, a fine selection of bouquet sous tokens - including several of the lesser known varieties, Lesslie twopence, Copper Company of Upper Canada copper restrike, P.E.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat', 1858 Newfoundland ship token, an exceptional collection of 'Ships, Colonies & Commerce' tokens including Lees 22, Labrador District Hudson Bay Company token, White's farthing and a fine collection of other Canadian pre-confederation coins and tokens, several interesting Canadian historical, commemorative and numismatic society medals including DeLevi (1658) and Kebeca Liberata (1690), a small selection of Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada and chartered bank banknotes with only a few exceptional notes - including Charlton - BC-38cA 1954 $2 'Bouey-Rasminsky' replacement note with serial number *Z/Z 6392000, Home Bank of Canada 1917 $5, Bank of Nova Scotia (Kingston, Jamaica) 1920 £5, undated Bank of the People $1, a very nice selection of campaign medals including 1815 Waterloo Medal with a fine biography on the medal's recipient - Lt. Francis B. Head, Engineer, Royal Artillery (later Sir Francis Bond Head, Governor-General of Canada), several Canada General Service medals with Fenian Raid and Red River bars, North West Canada medal, an exceptionally rare East and West Africa (1887 - 1900) medal awarded to Chief Carpenters Mate William Henry Maber with a brief biography and a Newfoundland Volunteer Service medal

Numismatic and military sale no. 61. - London : the author, Feb. 26 - 27, 1999. - 94 p., 1604 lots, ill. - AU 1880 Newfoundland $2 gold, MS-65 Newfoundland 1865 one cent, an interesting selection of 1859 'double punched' one cent coins with several varieties, G 1889 ten cent, Specimen-66 1952 dollar, 1908 Specimen set, 1965 V.I.P. Presentation set, several group lots of Franco-American jeton restrikes, a diverse and superb pre-confederation token collection - many pieces ex. Dr. John S. Wilkinson - including Bout de L'Isle token, Vexator Canadiensis, Francis Mullins token, scarce 'Anchor/H' halfpenny token, McDermott token, 'Harp/Ships, Colonies & Commerce' blacksmith token, several large lots of merchant/transportation and communion tokens grouped by province, a superb collection of historical medals (many from the French Regime and the British Colonial period) as well as a large selection of Governor-General, Lieutenant-Governor, sports, fraternal, exhibition and commercial medals with many interesting and important pieces, 6 lots of municipal notes issued by towns and cities in Ontario c1850s, 57 lots of Dominion of Canada and Bank of Canada notes with several high denomination (ie $1000) notes and a very rare 1954 'Beattie-Coyne' $1 error note with inverted back, 68 lots of chartered bank banknotes and merchant scrip with many rare pieces including 1892 Bank of Commerce $5 with 'Yukon' overprint, uncuts sheets of 4 notes in denominations of $5, $10 and $20 from the 1935 Canadian Bank of Commerce issue, 1908 Farmers Bank of Canada $5, 1909 Bank of Hamilton $20, 1891 Bank of Montreal $5, 1906 Sterling Bank of Canada $20, 1875 Union Bank of Prince Edward Island $2, 1814 Clark & Street (Bridgewater, Upper Canada) 5 shillings and many other scarce notes, an impressive collection of Canadian military campaign medals and medal groups including Military General Service Medal with Chrystler's Farm bar, several Canada General Service Medals with Fenian Raid and Red River bars, North West Canada medal with Saskatchewan bar, Gibraltar Key issued to Royal Canadian Engineers in 1946, the selection of medal groups is both varied and important and should be seen by military medals collectors

Numismatic and military sale no. 62. - London : the author, June 25 - 26, 1999. - 88 p., 1445 lots, ill. - a small but interesting selection of Newfoundland coins, a large and varied collection of Canadian decimals including several varieties of 1859 'double-punched' large cents, MS-63 1870 'LCW' fifty cent, AU 1888 fifty cent, MS-63 1906 fifty cent, Choice/Gem Specimen 1908 fifty cent, Specimen-66 1929 fifty cent, MS-63 1912 fifty cent and, MS-64 1936 fifty cent, despite the quality of the collection presented none of the real key dates appear to be present for most series, Vexator Canadiensis, Mullins farthing, 'Harp/Ships, Colonies & Commerce' blacksmith token, Larry Gingras collection of electrotype and cast coins of the Hudson's Bay Company and Beaver Club jewels - perhaps used by Larry for illustrating his texts on these subjects, a fine collection of Governor-General and Lieutenant-Governor medals including a Duke of Devonshire gold medal issued c1916 - 1921, a large collection of agricultura,l exhibition, fraternal and scholastic medals that should be seen by the specialist collector in these fields, 152 lots of Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada, chartered bank banknotes and merchant scrip with several scarce issues including AU 1935 Bank of Canada $25 (French Text) commemorative note, three 1935 Canadian Bank of Commerce $5 'Logan/Webb' signature notes with consecutive serial no's, uncut sheets of 4 1935 Canadian Bank of Commerce $10 and $20 notes , 1872 Bank of Hamilton $5, 1877 Bank of Hamilton $5, 1862 Banque Jacques Cartier $2, 1884 Summerside Bank of Prince Edward Island $1, 1815 Shannon & Livingston 10 shillings, playing-card currency issued by John Hautson good for one loaf, Military General Service medal with Chateauguay bar and many other superb campaign medals and medal groups

Numismatic and military sale no. 63. - London : the author, Oct. 22 - 23, 1999. - 96 p., 1820 lots, ill. - contains the Thomas N. Rogers collection of coins, tokens and paper currency with an emphasis of the issues of Prince Edward Island (a definitive sale for the specialist of P.E.I.), highlights of the sale include MS-62 1926 near 6' five cent, AU 1926 'far 6' five cent, VF 1951 'high relief' five cent, G 1889 ten cent, MS-62 1909 fifty cent, Owen Ropery token, anchor coinage of 1822, Prince Edward Island "holey-dollar", McCausland token, P.E.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat', an exceptional grouping of blacksmith tokens which includes practically all of the rarest issues in the entire blacksmith series (7 tokens in all) - must be seen by the blacksmith specialist - a small but interesting selection of historical, commemorative, Governor-General, fraternal and sporting medals with several important/scarce issues, approximately 200 lots of Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada, chartered bank banknotes and privately issued scrip including an important group of Prince Edward Island issues as well as other rare notes including two extremely rare test notes (1923 Dominion of Canada $1 bronze seal McCavour-Saunders and 1954 Bank of Canada $2 Beattie-Rasminsky), an important collection of campaign medals and medal groups including important medals from the 19th century and the two World Wars, including a Distinguished Conduct Medal and 3 Military Medals (all with citations recorded), Military General Service Medal, 6 Canada General Service Medals with Fenian Raid bars (including one which was awarded to a member of the Toronto Naval Brigade) and 3 North West Canada medals

Numismatic and military sale no. 64. - London : the author, Feb. 25 - 26, 2000. - 78 p., 1550 lots, ill. - EF Newfoundland 1888 ten cent, MS-63 1874 'plain 4' five cent, MS-64 1909 'round leaves' five cent, EF 1951 'high relief' five cent, MS-63 1858 ten cent, VG 1858 '8 over 5' ten cent, VG 1889 ten cent, F 1893 'round top' ten cent, MS-65 1900 ten cent, MS-65 1912 ten cent, MS-65 1914 ten cent, MS-65 1916 ten cent, MS-63 1870 twenty-five cent, two EF 1870 'LCW' fifty cent, VG 1890H fifty cent, AU 1900 fifty cent, MS-64 1919 fifty cent, MS-64 1920 fifty cent, MS-62 1931 fifty cent, AU 1932 fifty cent, Specimen-64 1947 'curved 7' fifty cent, a set of 10 Royal Canadian Mint test tokens, Prince Edward Island "holey-dollar" , Unc 1856 Nova Scotia 'Mayflower' penny, MS-63 1822 anchor half dollar, Hudson's bay Company tokens including an 'HBC over H' counterstamped on an imitation brass spade guinea and a set of 6 Eastern Arctic District uniface tokens, Hazel Munro collection of communion tokens (mainly from Scotland although some Canadian pieces are listed), Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland attached to a document appointing George Joseph Desbarats, Esquire, Deputy Minister of the Naval Service of Canada as the official representative of the Dominion of Canada at a conference on radiotelegraphy in 1912, a small collection of Lieutenant-Governor, scholastic, sporting, historical and commemorative medals, including an important are rare set of Mudie's medals of British Naval and Military Victories from the period 1794 - 1817 (40 pcs.), approximately 160 lots of Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada, chartered bank banknotes and private scrip with highlights including G 1870 Dominion of Canada $2 payable at Toronto, Fair 1878 Dominion of Canada $2, VG 1897 'reb-brown back' Dominion of Canada $2, two 'large seal' 1935 Bank of Canada $20, 1935 'English text' Bank of Canada $25, 1935 'French text' Bank of Canada $25 with low serial no., F 1900 Dominion Bank $10, Specimen 1935 Royal Bank of Canada $5, VG 1900 Standard Bank of Canada $10, AG 1875 Union Bank of Prince Edward Island $2, an important collection of Canadian campaign medals including George V Distinguished Conduct Medal, George V Military Medal, Naval General Service Medal (1793 - 1840), three Canada General Service Medals (two with Fenian Raid bars), George VI Canada General Service Medal with Malaya bar, Order of the British Empire medal group awarded to Lt. Commander A.R. Pressey and several other important medal groups

Numismatic and military sale no. 66. - London : the author, June 16 - 17, 2000. - 62 p., 798 lots, ill. - numerous varities of 1859 large cents including the rare brass cent, AU 1870 'LCW' fifty cent, a small but interesting collection of pre-confederation tokens including several key pieces, Montreal & Lachine Railway, Vexator Canadiensis brockage, Molson's halfpenny, Newfoundland 1858 Ship halfpenny, approximately 150 lots of Dominion of Canada, Bank of Canada and chartered bank banknotes with several scarce issues - most notably in the chartered bank notes, a superb collection of Orders, military decorations and campaign medals with many outstanding pieces that should be seen by the specialist collector - the collection of Orders is particularly strong

Numismatic and military sale no. 67. - London : the author, Oct. 27 - 28, 2000. - 76 p., 917 lots, ill. - a

Note : Sale nos. 7 and 9 did not contain any significant material and therefore are not included in this listing.. Sale no. 65 was entirely militaria and has been omitted from this listing as there were no other numismatic areas represented in the catalogue.


Canadian coins, tokens, medals and paper money the property of various Canadian owners and including part I of the Walter D. Allan collection of Canadian paper money : featuring an unprecidented (sic) offering of Canadian paper money rarities : numerous rare and choice condition pre-confederation tokens : choice Canadian decimal coins, including patterns, Proofs and Specimen coins and sets. - Toronto : the author, Oct. 27 - 28, 1972. - 400 lots of paper currency (one of the finest collections ever offered) with rarities in every field particularly chartered bank banknotes, 25 lots of communion tokens by Bowman no's, PE.I. 'sheaf-of-wheat', Owen's Ropery, several sloop tokens, two Lesslie two pence, Riseing Sun Tavern halfpenny, two 1837 City Bank/Bank of Montreal mule tokens, a selection of Bank of Upper Canada Proof halfpenny and penny tokens, North West Company token, Unc 1921 five cent, G-VG 1921 five cent, G 1889 ten cent, F 1870 'No LCW' fifty cent, other scarce Canadian and Maritime decimals and gold coins, New Brunswick 1862 20 cent/G.W. Wyon obituary piece, 1871 Canada 20 cent pattern proof, Specimen 1908C Sovereign, 1937 Specimen set, several scarce historical medals, see 'Charlton Auctions' for Parts II - V of the Walter D. Allan collection


1980 American Numismatic Association convention auction catalog. - Dallas : the author, Aug. 18 - 20, 1980. - 131 p., 3500 lots, 37 pl. - set of AU $5 and $10 gold coins, 1970 Manitoba commemorative dollar struck in gold, Unc 1870 twenty-five cent, AU 1870 'LCW' fifty cent

1982 American Numismatic Association convention auction : catalog I and II. - Dallas : the author, Aug. 17 - 21, 1982. - 51; 76 p., 1447; 2053 lots, ill.


Sale # 5 : Canadian Numismatic Association [Hamilton, Ontario] 1984 sale. - Vancouver : the author, July 20 - 22, 1984. - 30 p., 1110 lots, 10 pl. - 1867 Confederation medal, VF/EF Lesslie two pence, a small group of Royal Canadian Mint test tokens (including "50 tokens"), an very nice selection of Hudson's Bay Company tokens and medals, 124 lots of Canadian and chartered bank banknotes with several scarce or interesting pieces, 2 lots of French-Regime playing-card money (1749 15 sols and 1753 24 livres), New Brunswick MS-63 1861 halfpenny, a superb collection of Newfoundland decimals with several key issues in superior Mint-state grades, F 1921 five cent, VF 1921 five cent, VF 1870 'no LCW' fifty cent, MS-65 1966 'small beads' dollar, 1908 Specimen set and several modern Proofs and Specimen sets with key varieties (ie. 1953 'shoulder fold' and 'no shoulder fold', and 1973 'large bust' twenty-five cent)

Sale # 9 : Canadian Numismatic Association [Regina, Saskatchewan] 1985 sale. - Vancouver : the author, July 18 - 20, 1985. - 28 p., 1055 lots, 11pl. - Regentigny token, North West Company token, and other scarce (private issue) tokens, 2 Royal Canadian Mint "50 tokens" test pieces, MS-63 1921 five cent, Maritime decimals and gold, Canadian decimals and mediocre paper currency

Sale # 13 : Canadian Numismatic Association [Toronto, Ontario] 1986 sale. - Vancouver : the author, July 25 - 26, 1986. - 24 p., 839 lots, 8 pl. - various Hudson's Bay Company tokens, several North West Territories and Yukon Territory tokens, two "Canada Bank" banknotes, Hudson's Bay Company banknote, several lots of cheques drawn on the the Bank of Montreal (Mexico), a small selection of chartered bank banknotes, fine Canadian decimals

Sale # 17 : Canadian Numismatic Association [Calgary, Alberta] 1987 sale. - Vancouver : the author, July 17 - 18, 1987. - 24 p. 883 lots, 9 pl. - P.E.I. "holey-dollar", two Royal Canadian Mint "50 tokens" test pieces, 1882 Commercial Bank of Newfoundland 1 Pound note, three 1920 Government of Newfoundland notes, 1814 Shannan Livingston and Co. (St. Johns, Newfoundland) 1 Pound note, fine Canadian and Maritime decimals and gold

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